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LS Mentor Program



Serious Conversation



Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. Mentoring also benefits the sponsoring organization. For employers, mentoring increases retention, promotion rates, and employee satisfaction. At universities and associations, student mentoring is proven to improve student retention, boost job placement rates, and increase alumni engagement when tapping alumni as mentors.


Leadership Shelby offers information, guidance and encouragement from experienced professionals to those in the early phase of their careers and students who have an interest in a multitude of industries.


The LS Mentor Program structure and policies ensure beneficial engagement but are limited enough to avoid unnecessary burdens and barriers for both mentors and mentees. The program also provides choice – options in the type and degree of mentor and mentee interaction – and ease of program entry and exit. Trust is another important aspect of the program, and for that reason mentor-mentee interaction is confidential.

Types of Mentorships:

Ongoing Mentorship

When a mentee is seeking an ongoing relationship with a mentor. These relationships can be used for career advice, industry information, workplace advice and general feedback from the mentor.

Incidental Contacts

When a young professional or student is only seeking information or advice with a specific question or situation and contacts a mentor for that purpose. Contacts can be made by phone or email.

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