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If you have a desire to be and do more with authenticity and greater impact then Leadership Shelby is for you! You may be new to Shelby County or a lifelong resident. In either case, Leadership Shelby will aid you in identifying your areas of influence while building upon your current skills and abilities maximizing your leadership potential. Whether you work or serve with 1, 10, 100 or more, you are leading someone. Your unique style and personality has a lot to offer. Join with others in our community interested in positive change and learn how to make a difference YOUR way. Leadership Shelby seeks 25 individuals 21 or older who live or work in Shelby County and desire a deeper understanding of their leadership style in order to have greater impact in the community. The class is selected annually from a representative cross section of the community. Candidates must have full support of the organization, business or employer they represent for attendance at all sessions.

The application window opens on January 15th and closes on May 31st. This distinctive program begins in August with an overnight Opening Retreat and ends in May with a one-day Closing retreat. Class participants develop leadership skills through interaction with community officials and private sector leaders, problem solving sessions and eight monthly educational tours consisting of Agriculture, Industry, Government, Education, Health & Social Services, Law & Justice, Media & Tourism and Arts & History. Prospective participants complete an application form, which includes biographical information, two short essays, and two letters of recommendation. A selection committee reviews the applications and successful applicants are invited to participate. There is a $20 non-refundable application fee. Selected candidates pay a $550 tuition fee.

Scholarship Assistance is available. If requesting scholarship assistance please complete that portion of the application.

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